Sophie Mariah

Yo. My name Sophie Francey and this is my site.


Military brat. M.A. student. Texas. Foodie. Social Strategist. Metaphysical shit. Content creator. That's me.

Even though I am a military brat, I consider myself a Texas gal. I have lived in six different Texas cities since I was 14 years old. In my personal life I like to travel (don't we all?) and even with COVID-19, I hope to one day travel again. I consider myself a foodie, because who doesn't like food? JK, I am also open to trying any type of food at least twice and after working in high-end restaurant PR, I have a huge respect for the art of food. I love to watch documentaries and learn how to perfect the art of storytelling. I enjoy exploring the metaphysical space; after my mom passed away in September 2018 I started going to psychic fairs to connect with her via mediums.I also love exploring whatever city I am currently living niches.

Issues I am really passionate about: LGBTQIA+, Women's rights, minorities movements, education, health-care and homelessness.

I graduated with a degree in PR from Texas State University thinking that I would be "THE BEST IN THE PR BIZ." Whatever "the biz" was because at 22 years old I had no idea what that was but I was de-ter-min-ed to be in it. Like most 22 year olds #AmIRite? But as fate would have it I ended up in digital media. I became successful in my career and I am currently working for Frito-Lay. I live in San Antonio as I am currently back at school getting my M.A. in Mass Communication Digtal Media. I miss my Dallas family so much but I am excited that I get to keep working for Frito-Lay remotely and get my Master of Arts degree. I got to create a documentary for my first semester and I fell in love with magic of storytelling. For my documentary topic I chose to do transgender awareness which was selected for the L.A. LGBT Feedback Film Festival. We had the opportunity to choose any topic we wanted to do and I wanted to do something meaningful. I am queer (panssexual) and it is a passion of mine to shine light on to this magical community I am a part of... especially those who need it the most. It was a tough subject for those I interviewed. See my documentary and other work in my portfolio.

If you are interested in learning more about me, please send me an email at

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